Marshall County Christmas Coalition

The Marshall County Christmas Coalition was formed in 1996 to assess and coordinate Christmas assistance programs in Marshall County and to foster cooperation among agencies, governmental entities, schools, businesses, churches and other community supporters toward the accomplishment of these efforts.


This would not be possible without the help and support of people just like you!

2022 Information

2022 Sign-Up information will be posted as soon as it is available.


Not everyone has time to shop. We also accept donations.


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Sponsor Facts

How much am I expected to spend on the children I sponsor?

We ask sponsors to spend at least $100 on children ages 0-12 and at least $125 on ages 13-18 as long as the child is enrolled in school. Of course, you are welcome to spend more if you wish, just make sure that the amount spent per sibling is comparable. If you aren’t comfortable spending this much, please feel free to make a cash donation in any amount that you choose.

Am I allowed to purchase religious items and include them with the gifts?


What if the gifts requested are too expensive for me to purchase?

If the child is asking for something that you feel is too expensive, feel free to purchase items that are age and sex appropriate. We do not expect our sponsors to purchase every item requested and go beyond your own budget.

If I am not able to shop, how may I sponsor a child?

Cash donations are always acceptable and appreciated. Volunteers will shop for the children that aren’t sponsored with the money donated. Donations may be mailed to

Marshall County Christmas Coalition
PO Box 71
Guntersville, AL 35976

A thank you letter, which will serve as your tax receipt, will be mailed to you in January.

2021 Sign-Up Information

2021 Sign-Ups are Closed

You Must Bring The Following Information With You:

1. Name, Photo Identification, Address, , Phone Number, Alternate Phone Number, and proof of Marshall County residency (copy of electric bill, water bill) IN THE NAME OF THE APPLICANT, who must be a parent or legal guardian.
2. Name of school, clothing sizes, shoe size, and a few reasonable non-clothing gift requests for each child.
3. School name, school phone number, and student ID number for children being home schooled.
4. A list of EVERY person who lives in your household.
5. If you are not the parent but are the legal guardian, you must bring proof of guardianship or custody documents.

Proof of ONE the following IN THE NAME OF THE APPLICANT:

1. Copy of 2020 Tax Return
2. SSI Letter (Current) - If another adult living in the household is working, we must also have their proof of their income.
3. Current Legal Paycheck Stub - Everyone that is working in the household
4. July and August Bank Statements - Showing weekly / monthly deposits for everyone working in the household